Thunder From Down Under at Excalibur

Just The Facts, Please.

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Venue Size:

Show Times:
9pm Sunday-Thursday
9pm and 11pm Friday and Saturday

Show Type :
Male Adult Revue

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Mavens Overview

Thunder From Down Under at Excalibur is an Adult Male Revue show, which competes with American Storm at Planet Hollywood and Chippendales at the Rio.

The Internet Buzz is mixed, leaning favorable.



Internet Buzz

I have to admit, some of the music was a little dated, and some of the dance moves were a little cheesy, but I think that was the whole idea. Teasing from the performers were a part of the show, and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

The crowds themselves either belonged to a bachelorette party, birthday girl or are older ladies who don't seem to get enough eye candy from men of their own age.

This show consists of an hour of pretty boys leaping around on stage to worn-out songs. There is no real talent on display here except for some exquisitely chiseled abs. Its pretty tacky but if you're going with a bachelorette party you can still have a good time.

I definitely did not expect how delicious TFDU would be! I went for a girlfriend's bachelorette and was anticipating going to the show all weekend. Lets just say I lost my voice from all the screaming and my hands were hurting the next day from all the clapping and banging on the table that night.

It is every bit as cheesy as you can imagine. Most of these boys have no dance skills, but boy, their muscles show through, no matter how far back you sit.

Super spendy. $50 a head to get in. Pictures with the crew cost extra. What's lame is that the bride-to-be who was in our party wanted a group shot with everyone. There were ten of us total and she wanted us in her pic. But, they wouldn't let you even BE in the photo unless you paid to buy one. Really, really a ripoff.

I assumed this would be full frontal nudity but had to settle for spandex briefs.

I'm not really sure what type of experience are most women looking for when they go to a male strip club in Vegas, but if you want to get close and personal with these boys. Then you have to watch this show. I prefer this show waayyyy better than the Chippendale.



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