American Storm at Planet Hollywood

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:
V Theater Miracle Mile Planet Hollywood

Venue Size:

Show Times:
10pm Friday; 11:30pm Saturday

Show Type :
Male Burlesque Revue

Show Length:
70 minutes

 Must be 18 or older to attend. Men are welcome. SPI Entertainment also produces the hit shows "Thunder From Down Under," and "Louie Anderson-Larger Than Life."




Mavens Overview

American Storm is the Male Revue at Planet Hollywood, V Theater. The show garners good Internet Buzz, even from those that were reluctant to attend in the first place. The show is very popular for bachelorette parties, no surprise there.



Internet Buzz

great show, great guys, great fun! I kind of knew what to expect but I had never seen a show like this before. The girls in the audience were INSANE, it made it so much fun to see all the hot messes. These girls in the other bachelorette parties HAD to have been drinking since noon - the day before. Amazing crowd.

There are times where one of the guys is in the audience and NOTHING is happening on stage to keep the rest of the crowd entertained. I'm not sure who it was but we could hear some background jabbering about which women to pull up on stage for the lap dance contest.

What a great show!! Not only are the guys hot but funny as well. They were not overly gross buff, they just looked darn good.

The guys are so sweet. They do hang out after the show at the bar and are friendly and totally unpretentious. They'll have drinks with you, give hugs, etc. They are so much fun!

This show was fabulous and the most fun I'd ever had!!! The guys were friendly and playful. I was brought on stage for the lap dance contest and when I finished the guy even winked and told me, "Good job!"

A group of friends and I went to see the show for my friend's bachelorette party. I was a bit reluctant to see it at first because I figured it'd be really cheesy. But I was pleasantly surprised.


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