Chippendales at the Rio

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:

Venue Size:
Roughly 500 seats

Show Times:
8 pm Sunday-Thursday
8pm and 10:30pm Friday and Saturday

Show Type :
Male Adult Revue

Show Length:

Special for Groups of 8 or more:
one complimentary photograph with the Men of Chippendales at the end of the show
one complimentary Chippendales Calendar
and, upon request from the Group (for the bachelorette, birthday girl, divorcee, etc.) one member of the Group will be recognized during the performance in the form of a "Shout Out."




Mavens Overview

Chippendales at the Rio is? According to the Rio website:

Chippendales The Show features 12 physically perfect male dancers who delight the audience with a series of disarmingly sexy yet tasteful routines. Designed exclusively for women, the show artistically encapsulates a wide range of female fantasies to provide a sensuous and fast-paced performance that offers the perfect blend of music, hot dance moves, and sensual theatrics.
From Rio Website


The Internet Buzz is mostly favorable and most seem satisfied with the offered show.

Internet Buzz

Some of them can actually dance. They fulfilled every girl's fantasy with the different routines.

I always notice things that are not perfect in a show. It leads to my own disappointment. If I know less about what they were doing I would have enjoyed it more. For example, they had a person playing guitar, he played guitar like a bass player and it was not plugged in, he was rocking an awesome air bass, on a guitar.

Chippendales is a show filled with sexy men providing a sensuous and fast-paced performance that will set you on fire and make you sweat. They even sign autographs and provide for plenty of free picture taking after the show and hang out in the adjacent lounge/bar afterwards.

The show is pretty entertaining and involves a fair amount of audience participation. I think about 7 or so audience members were pulled onto the stage.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... unless you are at Chippendales. Absolutely nothing exciting happened here. I came here with five other girls to have a good time -- even getting front row seats. These guys were obviously bored or something during their performance. They had no obvious interest in even trying to impress the girls.

The show itself actually consists of many skits, fantasy role plays and uniform changes, audience interaction and games and the guys coming down to dance around with the audience members (best believe I got me a little lap dance action)

More funny than arousing. It's fun to watch them dance just to see it once. Almost all the girls called on stage were celebrating their birthday or their last days of singledom. And almost all were wearing a tiara or sash of some sort. I've seen the road show and the Vegas one is much better.

It was corny fabulous and all the women were smitten. Role playing dress up never looked more fun.



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