Second Street Grill at the Fremont

Just The Facts, Please.


Dining Hours :
Sunday, Monday, Thursday 5pm-10pm

Friday and Saturday 5pm-11pm

No Celebrity Chef here.

American cuisine with Pacific Rim influence.

Price Range:
Complete T-Bone Steak Dinner $18.99

Prime Rib Dinner $16.99

Suggested Attire:
Casual with just a hint of Dressy.

Known for asian influenced dishes.

Sample Menu Items:
Cedar Grilled Salmon

Whole Fried Thai Snapper

Mongolian Rack of Lamb


Mavens Overview

The Second Street Grill at the Fremont is one of those overlooked restaurants that could only exist in Downtown Las Vegas. If the Second Street Grill were located on the Strip, the prices would be at least double, and the dining room much more crowded. Not to say the place is lacking for customers, Vegas insiders know about the Second Street Grill.

The restaurant is known for its American cuisine with Asian influences. Roast Duck with Blackberry Glaze; Mongolian Rack of Lamb; and Whole Fried Thai Snapper are among the recommended dishes.

The internet buzz is favorable. Many appreciate having a nice dinner, without the pretense that often accompanies equivalent meals on the Strip.



Internet Buzz

My favorite upscale restaurant to eat at (and I eat there at least once every visit) is Second Street Grill inside The Fremont Hotel. It is a Pan-Asian steakhouse with lots of great seafood and steak.

Appetizers are big and can be shared between 2 people - I highly suggest the caprese salad ((Fresh tomato slices, chopped basil, balsamic vinegar and beautiful fresh mozzarella cheese) , the soft-shell crabs (Crispy and tender and so flavorful!),

My steak was topped with grilled crispy onions and it was excellent.

This is the kind of place you take a spouse you love, not a date you're trying to impress, because it's elegant without being overwhelming.

The steaks are always good - the filet mignon is tender and flavorful and the New York and Ribeye steaks are big and meaty. The pork is thick and juicy and the whole fish is really tender and a great presentation.

Once I pulled off the pretty nosegay of purple basil and prettier orchid, the leg and sliced breast of the roasted duck was crisp-skinned and moist, its gamey flavor offset by the natural tart/sweet flavor of the light blackberry glaze and complement of plump blackberries.

The only entree I have had where I was disappointed has been the Tempura -- The batter was thick and heavy and I didn't care for it.

I could clearly taste the smoked corn in the creamy asparagus soup.

Although you find steaks, Chinese roast duck, and Mongolian rack of lamb on the menu, Pacific Rim-inspired seafood is the specialty at this underrated insider favorite. For an entrée opt for the cedar-grilled salmon

The whole fried Thai red snapper is stunning in terms of taste and presentation.


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