Phantom of the Opera - Venetian

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location

The Venetian

Venue Size


Show Times

Monday: 7pm and 9:30pm
Tuesday: 7pm
Wednesday: 7pm
Thursday: 7pm
Friday: 7pm
Saturday: 7pm and 9:30pm
Sunday: Dark

Show Type

Broadway Musical

Show Length

The original 2 and 1/2 hour show has been pared down to one hour and 35 minutes.

Show Notes

The Venetian employed David Rockwell, to design the $40 million custom-built theatre.



Mavens Overview: Phantom

The Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian is performed in a $40 million theater designed especially for this production. The show itself has been abridged down to 95 minutes from the original two and one half hours. Most don't seem to mind the shorter production, however Phantom aficionados seem to feel subtlety of the Phantom character is lost in the abridgement.

Seemingly no expense was spared in this production, including the famous $4.5 million chandelier.

The Internet Buzz is mostly favorable, although there are some complaints about the abridgement of the show and about the theater acoustics.

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Internet Buzz: Phantom

  • The theatre is small enough to feel intimate, but still large enough for a good production. It is a beautiful space and the production value of the show was great. The music and singing were great as well.
  • The centerpiece of the theater (and major plot point of the show) is the chandelier, which weighs 2,100 pounds and cost $4.5 million to create. The shimmering chandelier is comprised of 29,444 individual crystals that were hand strung.
  • Phantom is phenomenal. It starts the moment you walk into the theatre. The entire theatre is built for this particular musical so you feel like you are in the Phantom's opera house. The actors are wonderful, they are all so talented in vocals and acting. Seriously be prepared to be amazed. The music is so powerful
  • The production was just stellar! There were pyrotechnics, fog machine, stage floors that open up, and the phantom that comes out of no where! Can't say too just got to fork over the money and watch it. The music will stay with you for life!
  • I enjoyed the show. This version of the classic Musical is unlike others I have seen. It was a very different experience that is uniquely Vegas. I felt like I was immersed in this imaginary world. No longer was I just another audience watching the show from afar.
  • I didnt realize this was a abridged version of the story until I was reminded the performance was only 95 minutes. That being said its painfully obvious and huge sections of the story are eviscerated from the play. The end result is that instead of feeling empathy for the tortured and lonely phantom, you really think he is just a crazy
  • One of my biggest gripes about this production of Phantom is that they seem to skip a handful of scenes. Not sure if the cast or the orchestra is limited in it's numbers or talent, but it was a disappointment from the first time I saw Phantom in Los Angeles at the Pantages Theater about four years ago
  • The performers voices are so soft that their singing was barely audible. The acoustic is absolutely horrible. If they are going to spend so much money decorating and making the theater amazing, they should have taken the time to at least make the acoustic decent.
  • I've been lucky enough to see Phantom is many parts of the world and this theater and performance were the best i've ever witnessed.



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