Crazy Girls at The Riviera

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:

Venue Size:

Show Times:
9:30 pm Dark Tuesdays

Show Type :
Topless with lip-sync singing.

Show Length:

Crazy Girls is the longest running Topless Show on the Strip.




Mavens Overview

Crazy Girls is the long running Topless show on the Strip, but, don't take take the longevity of the show as a sign of quality. The Internet Buzz on Crazy Girls is so bad that when you come across a good review you wonder if that was a paid review. The shill Vegas review sites have good things to say about Crazy Girls. Perhaps if you're in the mood for a dated bad "Old School" Vegas show, you could give Crazy Girls a go.



Internet Buzz

My husband and I walked out this show was so bad... Girls weren't that great looking, the AV was terrible, and the show wasn't entertaining.

The worst, most boring show I've ever seen. I could have choreographed it better!! I wish I could describe better the dancing atrocity I saw last weekend. It was like they were moving in slow motion. It was super cheesy. And all the REALLY bad lip syncing.

Lame show. I would have rather of seen a high school talent show than Crazy Girls.

I was bored to death after the first 15 minutes. Very cramped and uncomfortable seating,

Great show at a great price. Very artistic, kinda gave me an old school 80s feel.

Crazy Girls was the worse show I've seen, not only in Vegas. The highlight of the show was a bad juggler.


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