Penn and Teller at the Rio

Just The Facts, Please.

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Show Times:
Sat-Wed 9pm

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Show Length:
A little less than 90 min.

Be sure to stick around after the show, as both Penn and Teller hang out in the theater lobby, meeting and greeting guests, posing for photos and signing autographs. From Rio Website




Mavens Overview

Penn and Teller have been performing at the Rio for over ten years, a strong indication that they're doing something right. What Penn and Teller are doing right is performing a Magic Show that is truly unique. While some of the Magic performed are old standards, like the Cups and Balls classic, but with a twist, the cups are transparent, making obfuscation seemingly impossible.

Penn does a running commentary throughout the show, while Teller remains mute for the whole show. Penn's commentary often appears to be off the cuff, and sometimes drifts into the political. This is the only part of the show that draws some negative Internet Buzz. It should be noted that more people single out Penn's commentary for favorable Buzz than pan it. For the most part, the Internet Buzz is strongly favorable for Penn and Teller's Magic Show.

Internet Buzz

This is not a "magic show". That would be like saying George Carlin was just a comedian. This is a show with depth and humor and a message for people to listen to. It is entertaining and inspirational, all at the same time. Don't miss the opportunity to get your picture taken with them and autographs after the show.

Many of the tricks are accompanied by background music from the talented jazz pianist Mike Jones, which adds another unique touch to the show.

My favorite trick involved Teller making goldfish appear in a bowl of water. I also enjoyed the trick involving a vase of flowers. If you love this pair's style, you're going to love this show. I personally enjoy Penn's commentary and thought it only added to the show.

Penn & Teller are more than just your traditional magicians. What I love about their show is that they set up many of their acts as if you, the audience, is going to be shown how the trick is actually pulled off. But in the end, they always throw a curve ball and end up pulling off a completely different, even more impressive trick than you were expecting.

The only negative thing is that because the show is at the Rio, you are forced to take a cab. And cabs can be so hard to get at night. Anyway, Penn & Teller were very entertaining. I loved that most of the tricks they did were very low-tech so you know that their magic is not in flashing lights or fancy sets.

I thought that there would be more magic/comedy. It seemed to be a lot of ranting from Penn about being a libertarian, the bill of rights, etc. The magic tricks that they did do, however, were pretty neat. I just wish there was more magic and less chit chat

My one favorite trick is when they shoot at each other with a gun through the glass window panes and they each catch the bullets with their teeth. I saw this act the last time that I saw them in Reno and man, it was still as fabulous as last time.

Penn's oratory skills are excellent. some parts of the show have a political bent to them - okay, I'm somewhat biased, my beliefs are very close to Penn & Teller's, so I loved every minute of it - but it's not overly preachy, and it's spaced out well.

This is easily my favorite show in Vegas. They've been at the Rio for almost 10 years and I hope they keep it going. It was great to see that they've kept it fresh over time. One thing that hasn't changed is the meet and greet in the theater lobby where both will sign autographs, shake hands, and pose for photos until the last guest walks out the door.


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