V- The Ultimate Variety Show at Planet Hollywood

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location

Variety Theater in Planet Hollywood Mall

Venue Size


Show Times

Shows Nightly 7:00pm & 8:30pm

Show Type

Variety: Comedy; Magic; Juggling; Acrobatics

Show Length

75 minutes

Show Notes

Every show includes magic, special effects, death-defying stunts, wild comedy, visual artists, physical insanity and much more. From V The Show Web Site



Mavens Overview: V - Variety

V- The Ultimate Variety Show at the Variety Theater in the Planet Hollywood Mall. As the names implies has a little bit of everything: Magic; Juggling; Acrobatics and Comedy. While the show is second or third tier, based on production value, the talent of the performers seems to win the day with most audience members.

The Internet Buzz is generally favorable, people going to this show tend not to expect Cirque du Soleil production numbers. The ticket prices are also considerable less expensive, with discount coupons available in the free magazines, as well a at the half price locations. Most patrons feel the show is an excellent value when purchased through one of these discount routes, even full priced tickets are reasonable.

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Internet Buzz: V - Variety

  • Small theater inside Planet Hollywood. This is not one of the large production shows like any of the Cirque du Soleil or La Reve, Blue Man Group, Lion King, etc. but it is entertaining and cheaper than the other shows.
  • Wally Eastwood, a world renowned juggler, is both the host and first performer of the night. He starts the show with a mesmerizing juggling routine. Eastwood's enthusiasm, paired with his mind boggling talent has everyone cheering.
  • I have to say that I was more than pleasantly surprised with this show. I am so glad we went! It was hilarious. Every act was from good to freakishly awesome. If you want a good laugh, I would highly recommend it.
  • Wally Eastwood is the juggling MC that is really good at what he does: JUGGLING! Hilarious gauchos that do some kind of stomping/tapping dance and whipping ropes around and making jokes. HILARIOUS!
  • I don't want to write a lot about this show since it wasn't the most enjoyable thing I have ever seen. It stood as a Bottom-Tier Las Vegas Talent Show incorporating all sorts of outrageous talents and individuals. Cheers to each one of these performers and their crafts. Unfortunately for the show as a whole...it was kinda boring, mediocre, and I wish I would have taken my money to see one of the most astonishing Vegas shows or acts.
  • I had so much fun laughing, cheering, clapping, smiling, drinking that in the end I didn't want it to be over. Stunts are amazing, host is hilarious, everything about the show keeps you entertained! Yes, some parts can be a bit cheesy, but I didn't mind and its good for groups, kids, families, couples. The stage is a bit small, but they utilize every part of the space;
  • The show itself was decent, you get a little bit of everything: comedy, juggling, acrobatics, magic, etc. The Russian Acrobats were one of my favorites. The magician was the WORST, can't believe it's his face all over the billboards. I was so unimpressed with the magic and knew how most of them worked, boring!! Thank goodness for Wally Eastwood (MC), he was a funny host and very talented!



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