Rick Thomas Magic at Planet Hollywood

Just The Facts, Please.

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Magic show with Tigers

Show Length

75 min.

Show Notes

Rickis onthe move, last seen at the Tropicana.



Mavens Overview: Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas is now performing his Magic Show at the Saxe Theater, adjacent to Planet Hollywood. Rick Thomas performs your standard stage magic tricks, with the twist of adding tigers to the show. The Mac King show at Harrahs, also an afternoon magic show is the better bet.

The Internet Buzz on Rick Thomas is mixed, no rave reviews, the best reviews he garners are, a decent show for the money.


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Internet Buzz: Rick Thomas

  • On the one hand it was a small and somewhat dated performance. It's got to be tough to be a Vegas show these days. On the other hand, there was no denying the passion that Rick Thomas has for his show, and for his animals (tigers, birds and a cat).
  • The show was very entertaining. Twice throughout the show Rick brought up children (once a boy, once a girl) from the audience. The children, and how Rick worked with them, were show highlights.
  • I was expecting a little more tiger, but the tiger was onstage for about 2 minutes in total. But the animals were cute when they were on stage. I didn't really like this show. The tricks were all over done by other magicians. I guess I was expecting something more original or at least something new.
  • it's a very good afternoon show bargain. In comparison to other magic shows I've seen (Nathan Burton and David Copperfield), I thought Rick Thomas was probably the most genuine in that he didn't sound fake when connecting to the audience.
  • This poor man revels in himself for about an hour and a half. The audience seemed to enjoy it and so did the children....however, the entertainment for us was watching and then debunking his tricks. It's worth the money and it's worth it for the family.
  • I can't think of a better way to describe the show other than Rick Thomas revels in himself. Between his magic tricks, he talks about how he followed his dreams and shows weird, outdated video segments about his life. Like the video of him doing the cha cha with his sister when he was 14 while the words "You go boy!" fly across the screen. ?? I came for magic and tigers, Rick. Not to see your weird home vids.



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