Peepshow at Planet Hollywood

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:
Planet Hollywood

Venue Size:

Show Times:
Thursday and Saturday 8pm and 10:30pm; other days 9:30pm except dark Wednesday

Show Type :
Topless singing and dancing

Show Length:

PEEPSHOW has been created by an award-winning team led by Tony AwardŽ winning creator, director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell. A custom-built theatre showcases lavish sets and costumes, creating an extravagant environment specifically for Las Vegas From Peepshow Website




Mavens Overview

Holly Madison is the star of Peepshow at Planet Hollywood, but that doesn't mean you'll be seeing a lot of Holly in the show. Holly appears briefly in each skit. The skits are based on nursery rhymes, such as Little Bo Peep. The show was choreographed by Tony Award winning choreographer Jerry Mitchell.

With such high-powered talent doing the choreography you would expect some rave reviews in the Internet Buzz, not so much. perhaps people that go to Peepshow are more interested in seeing naked ladies than skillfully choreographed dance numbers. Rave reviews on the dancing are few, in fact rave reviews for anything in Peepshow are few. The show does garner a fair share of solid: Liked the Show



Internet Buzz

The show wasn't too bad.. the singers were good.. dancers were good.. Holly was literally eye candy for the show.. she didn't do much.. she popped in and out in every scene.. but she did sing.. and that was just OK.

The music was the draw of the show by far. The skits were cute and hot. Holly Madison only makes small short visits on stage so if you are going solely to check her out, you will not be satisfied. When she is on stage she is so cute skipping about.

Peepshow stars Holly Madison ..but she doesn't do much on stage. the dances were okay as they weren't really coordinated and didn't do anything really over the top. i guess i was really expecting something more complicated and exciting.

This was a very good show. Both my wife and I enjoyed it. Yes it is a topless show. The show had good production value and was interesting to watch. Although it is topless it is done in a classy way and you actually don't pay much attention to the topless ladies.

DO NOT PAY FOR MEET AND GREET. This was the biggest waste of money ever. My husband was sweet enough to surprise me with meeting her and it was very disappointing. She was wearing a pink baggy SWEAT SUIT with her hair in a BUN. Holly clearly did not want to be there, she looked bored and was totally fake.

I fooled myself thinking it could be more than it actually was.

Both my husband and I really enjoyed the show, the energy was great, the music wonderful, all the women beautiful and the dancing well put together. All the vocals were outstanding.


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