The Amazing Jonathan at Planet Hollywood

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:
Planet Hollywood Harmon Theater at the Krave Nightclub

Venue Size:

Show Times:
Tues.-Sat 9pm

Show Type :

Show Length:

The Amazing Jonathan is friends with fellow Vegas Magician Criss Angel, and has appeared on his show Mindfreak




Mavens Overview

The Amazing Jonathan at Harmon Theater, adjacent to Planet Hollywood, is not really a magic show, but more freestyle comedy, some might say "edgy" others call it lame.

To see if you would enjoy the show, check out one of his youtube videos.

The Internet Buzz is mostly not favorable, however those that enjoy the show, really seem to enjoy the show, perhaps you'll be one of them.


Internet Buzz

Unfortunately, the magic is mediocre and it was pretty much a comedy routine. I love good comedy, but I felt his jokes were so predictable that it was embarrassing.

Opening act was mediocre. Jonathan himself looked like a hot mess but I thought he was pretty funny. I guess I expected a little more magic but I think there were only MAYBE 3 tricks the whole thing?

Absolutely horrible. A huge waste of time and money.. He had a few laughs but NOT what I was expecting. Too much money for what his act was all about. Still bitter about it.

Should have known the show wasn't that great when there were only about 50-60 people in the theater that probably could seat close to 150-200 people.

This is more of a straight comedy routine, with like 2 magic tricks thrown in. He had an audience member help him out on stage. Basically, he had the audience member on stage for 95% of the show, the same person! I thought that was odd! Jonathan, get another paid assistant

I could have sworn the guy he pulled up on stage for almost the whole show was a plant too, seeing as how he was alone in front of us in line and was magically placed in the front row closest to the stage.

This was the worst show we have ever seen in Vegas, or possibly anywhere. If you're looking for magic, you will be disappointed. If you're looking for comedy, you will be disappointed

He is a very loud and fairly offensive comedian akin to Sam Kinison or Bobby Slayton, but not quite as rude. His assistant, Psychic Tanya is very entertaining in a bubble-head blonde kind of way. Pretty much none of Johnathan's magic works, but that makes it funnier. His comedy is a mixture of visual gags and just plain picking on people. He's an acquired taste that may not work for everyone.



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