Terry Fator Ventriloquist at The Mirage

Just The Facts, Please.

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Show Times

Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Show at 7:30 p.m.
Dark Sunday and Monday

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Show Length

90 minutes.

Show Notes

Steve Friess Interviews Terry Fator and his First Wife (post divorce), separately On the Podcast "The Strip" plus a shout-out to VegasMavens.com



Mavens Overview: Terry Fator

Terry Fator is the winner of the second season of Americas Got Talent. Terry now performs his ventriloquist/singing/comedy act at the Mirage. It has been reported that Terry's contract at the Mirage could be worth $100 million, an amazing sum for a relatively unknown ventriloquist.

So, what does The Mirage get for $100 million. They get a ventriloquist that sings, does impersonations, often with solid middle America humor. The show is aimed right at the center of the Branson Missouri type audience, and the Internet Buzz reflects that. Most everyone agrees: "Terry's Got Talent" the question is, Is Terry's Humor(shtick) for you?

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Internet Buzz: Terry Fator

  • If you watched America's Got Talent, you'll know who Terry Fator is. And if you're into ventriloquists, I'm sure you'll enjoy the show like us. I was very impressed by his skills (singing, acting, performing, and of course the ventriloquism) and I think he is one of the best winners in America's Got Talent history.
  • He is amazing at what he does! And like others said, he is great in that he allows you to take pictures and video during the show.
  • Great entertainment!! He puts on a really great show with some older material and a lot of new material. I was laughing and singing along for the majority of the performance.
  • Terry himself is a great ventriloquist, but his puppets and shtick are SO lame and tired that it's not even fun to get drunk and laugh at. His puppets cover every stereotype known to Flyover Country Each puppet was onstage for about 5 minutes of shtick, which consists of singing along to a live band.
  • This is no ordinary ventriloquist show. He is seriously talented. He nails each voice and leaves you wondering how he did it. There's a good amount of humor in the show too. Everyone I've taken to see this show has been amazed and wanted to see it again.
  • The music is pretty extensive ranging from Nat King Cole and Etta James, to the Beatles, to Garth Brooks and Dolly Parton, and even the Pussycat Dolls. The puppet interaction is so funny! My favorite is definitely Walter the country singer. One thing to keep in mind is that even though this is a puppet show, it's not directed to a kid-friendly audience as there is plenty of adult humor involved.
  • After seeing the dismal Criss Angel show, my husband and I went to Terry Fator the next night and it was AMAZING! He is super talented, and has a great singing voice (even without the puppets, haha!). Great show for kids.
  • Fator's entire show is made up of gag lines, fart jokes and redneck songs delivered by his "cast of thousands" - puppets voiced by Mr. Fator. If you're into ventriloquists, I'm sure you'll enjoy the show. To me, it seemed like a cheap trick that got real old real fast. The material simply isn't funny, it's hokey - I'm sure the "cast member" puppets are meant to carry the show, and for most it certainly seemed to do the trick. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, but my friend and I continually looked at each other with a groaning sentiment of "...seriously?"



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