KA by Cirque du Soleil

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location

KA Theatre at MGM Grand

Venue Size

1,951 seats

Show Times

Tuesday - Saturday 7:00pm & 9:30pm

Show Type

Cirque du Soleil

Show Length

90 minutes

Show Notes

Every seat in the theatre has speakers built into the seat.

For the beach scene, 350 cubic feet of granular cork from Portugal is used.

Watch KA stage being fixed on the National Geographic Show: World's Toughest Fixes Vegas



Mavens Overview: KA

A Cirque du Soleil show, the fourth Vegas production, and the second production without the creative direction of Franco Dragone. The real star of the show is the technically sophisticated stage, which would make the most talented contortionist green with envy.

Unlike other Cirque shows, this one has a slight hint of a story line. Imperial Twins are separated as their Palace is attacked by warriors, they then embark on a long journey where the come in contact with some amazing acrobats and gymnasts, all the while eery post modernist music plays, rather loudly. The are reunited at the end.

So now that you know the complete story line, is there any reason to see KA? Obviously the answer is yes, the story line doesn't add much to show, if anything, it removes some of the Dragone magic that made Mystere and "O" so popular.

The internet buzz tends to be very favorable for the show, there are many posts that just love, love, love the show! There is a much smaller group that were rather bored by the show. People that have seen several of the other Cirque shows, tended to rate this show lower than the other Vegas productions, perhaps they've reached their Cirque Limit. Evidently Vegas hasn't reached its Cirque limit, the new Aria casino has a Elvis Cirque production.

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Internet Buzz: KA

  • KA is definitely worth every penny; I wouldn't need to think twice to watch it again.
  • Like many of the other Cirque du Soleil shows, sitting near the rear has its benefits. you see all of the action on stage, plus the side action that surrounds the audience. Sitting up front means you'll have to strain your neck from side to side, up and down to catch all of the show.
  • the hydraulic stage was engineering porn. it raises, lowers, pivots, rotates, and anything else you want. Pegs shoot out on cue to provide acrobats with grasping points.
  • Ką may just be the single most impressive production I've ever seen. Visually captivating, musically compelling, and brimming with art, athleticism, and energy.
  • This was my second Cirque du Soleil performance and it was just "okay" for me. The most entertaining part of the show was not the performers, it was the massive hydraulic stage!
  • I've been to a few Cirque du Soleil shows, and I just wasn't impressed. My friends that were into martial arts seemed to love it, but it was the most underwhelming Cirque show to date for me.
  • I think I've seen too many of these shows, because I didn't find myself captivated. I think this is the 5th Cirque show I've seen, after a while they all blend together, and as my husband says, "I'm sick of their BS music
  • a Cirque show and how much you like it depends entirely on how much you like their style of sort-of-pretentious artsy stuff
  • the best part of the show was the theater and the stage.... I have seen almost ALL traveling cirque du Soleil shows...The show has too much story and no act at all... all you will see is amazing stage and lots of dancing. Do not expect great acts like in Allegria, Kooza, Mystere and other shows. KA is different in a bad way.
  • Sadly, I think I've been a bit spoiled by my favorite Cirque shows: O, Beatles LOVE, & Mystere. Although I don't think it was comparable to those three shows, it would be hard for anyone not to be completely entertained during the show.
  • Acrobatics, martial arts, cool costumes, pyrotechnics, great music, a touching story, shadow puppets (really cool ones) and a mechanical stage that flips and rotates to change the setting (gotta see to be impressed).



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