MGM Grand's Crazy Horse Paris

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:
Crazy Horse Theatre MGM Grand

Venue Size:
300 seats.

Show Times:
Wednesday-Monday, dark Tuesday; shows at 8pm and 10:30pm.

Show Type :
Adult show with nudity.

Show Length:
75 minutes.

The show was formerly know as La Femme




Mavens Overview

Formerly known as La Femme, the name change to Crazy Horse Paris occurred in 2007. The MGM venue is an exact replica of the the Parisian Crazy Horse venue. The 12 dancers in the show have classical ballet training and have all performed in the Paris show. The dancers are chosen to be indistinguishable in their height and size, to enhance show's choreography.

The show is best described as adult burlesque with an artistic flair. Innovative use of lighting sets this adult show apart from the other ones on the strip. Those expecting a straight forward adult show with lots of naked women may be disappointed. On the other hand, those that want an adult show with artistic touches will be pleasantly surprised.


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Internet Buzz

The Crazy Horse somehow manages to create a show based solely on boob hype, yet it is not sleazy. that is an accomplishment in itself.

One of the best shows in Vegas. Tasteful and sexy. Beautiful girls. Intimate seating. But still, try to get a good seat - it just gets better.

The show was very good, it was classy, beautiful, and tasteful. I would say close to 50% of the audience are couples, contents of the show is not for men only. I also really liked the music and too bad, they do not sell soundtrack of the show.

This is the best show my wife and I have seen in Vegas. We've done the Cirque thing, a magic show, etc, but Crazy Horse is the one we'll go back to time and time again.

Crazy horse is an artistic fusion of modern art and classic parisian burlesque... Most of the acts are artistically tweaked by the use of stage lights that put a translucent veil over the woman's nude bodies making the theme sensual artistic embrace.

I liked the different lighting techniques with the different shows- it added an artistic flair to the dances. I also liked how they put little titles on the curtain prior to the dance number- it spelled out exactly what the dance number was about

My spouse and I recently attended this show and would recommend it for other couples wanting to see an artistic and entertaining Vegas burlesque show. There were a few singles in our audience but over 90% on the night we went were couples or mixed groups. This is not a show recommended for bachelor parties--it is too classy and there is no silicone

Maybe I let all the hype get to me and went in with unrealistic expectations. Maybe I was unfairly comparing it to Zumanity. Maybe I was just annoyed by the people at our table playing with their cell phones. Maybe they were as bored as we were. Maybe it was just an off night. Regardless of the reasoning, I was REALLY disappointed with the Crazy Horse Paris.



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