Menopause the Musical at the Luxor

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location


Venue Size

Atrium Showroom Approx 350 seats

Show Times

5:30 pm Wed-Mon 8 pm every Tuesday

Show Type


Show Length


Show Notes

Ticket Prices $49.95 & $65 Plus tax and service fee
$65 tickets include
1 FREE drink



Mavens Overview: Menopause

Menopause the Musical at the Luxor is a musical comedy, targeted towards a rather specific demographic. As the Internet Buzz on Menopause the Musical makes clear, post menopausal women love this show, others, less so.

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Internet Buzz: Menopause

  • Basically, the show takes place around four women. One is a former hippie, one still has her 50's haircut (hopefully that was a wig), one is a former Hollywood starlet and the last one is Tina Turner in the making! WooHoo! The setting is Bloomingdales department store and cafe. While shopping and eating, they break into numbers taken from popular songs but the words have been changed.
  • Hearing the familiar tunes from the past now integrated with lyrics from the present creates a funny and inspiring combination that makes everyone want to sing along.
  • Must start off this review by saying I normally get very very bored during plays....maybe because I am not sophisticated or cultured. NOT MENOPAUSE THE MUSICAL. I was laughing the whole time.
  • The show started and I laughed and enjoyed the older song parodies. The performers were great and very natural (especially the soap star and the Iowa housewife...she was my favorite). The song that brought down the house was "Only You" and "Good Vibrations" where they were referencing lack of sex drive. It made me laugh the hardest.
  • 4 woman musical show, centered on "the change", supposedly enjoyable for men, but not so much for me. I found several funny moments, but it could have been about half as long and made it's point. The hot flash jokes got repetitive after a while.
  • In my opinion, young people wouldn't enjoy this show as much as other Vegas numbers. However, based on the response from the audience, if you are older this is a "must-see" hit! Men loved it too and were laughing just as hard.
  • I laughed maybe once or twice but my folks loved the show. I'm 27 & I got just about none of the jokes. I got what they were going for, I just could relate very little. The older audience was laughing and enjoying themselves.



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