Fantasy at the Luxor

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:

Venue Size:

Show Times:
10:30 pm Nightly

Show Type :
Adult Dancing and Singing, with a comedian thrown in.

Show Length:
90 minutes





Mavens Overview

Fantasy is the Adult oriented show at the Luxor, you must be 18 or older to attend. The show is over ten years old, so it must be hitting some of the right def

notes. The show includes live singing, , so hitting the rights notes is more a challenging than in most adult revue shows that heavily utilize lip-syncing. The singer and the comedian in the show garner favorable Internet Buzz, less so for the scantily clad dancing girls.

The Internet Buzz is mixed for Fantasy at the Luxor. Las Vegas locals seem much more likely to rave about the show than tourists, go figure.


Internet Buzz

The intimate ampitheater-style venue is perfect for such a performance, as everyone gets a good view. There are a series of dancers, who come out for group or solo performances, but it's supplemented by a woman who has an absolutely amazing voice.

The theater was small, and I was surprised to see so many couples. The comedian between dance acts was actually pretty funny. He did some good impressions (Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr., James Brown, etc.), but it wasn't enough to make the show great. To sum up this show in one word, BLAH.

The girls weren't great .. the singer, Lorena Peril, was really good .. think powerful Christina Aguilera-ish .. the comedian, Sean E. Cooper is what REALLY made the show .

The pole routine- if you set up 3 poles I expect to see some serious spins. Basically the girl did the same 2 inversions on 2 poles and 1 basic spin that even I can do and that was it. Genevieve.

At the conclusion of the show most of the cast members come out to the theater's lobby to do a meet and greet with their fans. They answer questions, sign free autographs and pose for photos for anybody who is interested. I got a chance to chat with Angelica Bridges who came around as a very friendly and personable person.


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