Criss Angel Believe at Luxor

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location


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Show Times

7 pm Tuesday - Saturday
7 pm and 9:30 pm Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
Dark Sunday and Monday

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Show Length

90 minutes

Show Notes

The show is a partnership with Cirque du Soleil



Mavens Overview: Criss Angel

Criss Angel, of Mind Freak fame, brings his magic show to the Luxor. Not very many people are happy he did, the show has garnered some amazingly bad reviews.

The Internet Buzz is almost universally negaitve, about the best comment found: "It's not that bad of a show."

Sometimes Steve's older stories come back to bite him. When the Newsweek reporter that Steve was working with on the "Rich Vegas, Poor Vegas" story tried to get tickets to Criss Angel's show from its publicist, the publicist asked that the Newsweek reporter not see the show with Steve. Poor Criss Angel, a man imbued with seemingly unlimited magical powers, and yet he seems powerless to make those dreadful show reviews disappear. Steve Friess: Vegas Journalist; Podcaster; Provateur and more

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Internet Buzz: Criss Angel

  • Truly awful hack magic show. Bad illusions sparsely scattered between YouTube and television clips. Uncomfortable audience interaction and obvious crowd plants. He managed to squeeze no less than 3 plugs for merchandise available in the lobby.
  • It's not that bad of a show.
  • Waste of money waste of time... we were off to the side and during his 'levitation' my husband told me that he could see one of cables. Almost every trick you can figure out.... I mean Criss there are other illusions besides overusing the trap doors on the stage. I get it you pop up in different places.
  • From the theater itself to the set pieces used during Angel's performance, the whole atmosphere is dark with gothic accents, reminiscent of old-fashioned circuses and carnivals with a morbid twist.
  • we thought the reviews could possibly be a little harsh but we ended up having the exact same reaction to this unbelievably bad show. the best part about the show was leaving after forty minutes and laughing about how terrible the show was, and we continued to get quality laughs throughout the rest of the night.
  • Let's put it this way, if it were 1865 and John Wilkes Booth and Abraham Lincoln were in this theater together, Booth might had shot Criss Angel, instead of Abe Lincoln, changing the course of history.
  • Even with extremely low expectations, I was still disappointed. I was astonished. Despite the headlining of Criss Angel's name, we only see his likeness for a few minutes. This show is a pretentious look into his psyche.



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