Carrot Top at the Luxor

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:
Atrium Showroom At Luxor

Venue Size:

Show Times:
Monday, Wednesday - Sunday - 8:30 pm
Tuesday - Dark

Show Type :

Show Length:
90 minutes

From 1995 to 1999, Carrot Top was the continuity announcer for the Cartoon Network.




Mavens Overview

Carrot Top at the Luxor is known for his extensive use of props in his comedy act. However, as many point out in the Internet Buzz he keeps his act current by incorporating current events and audience reaction into his act.

The Internet Buzz is strongly favorable for Carrot Top, even those that weren't fans before seem to be converted to fandom by the end of his show.



Internet Buzz

I was so skeptical about Carrot Top, but it got great reviews. After seeing the show, I've recommended it to everyone I know. His funny, irreverent and self-deprecating humor is spot-on for Vegas.

Everyone needs to focus on this guy's talent b/c Carrot Top is hilarious! He's creative, funny, and puts on a great show! Totally worth the money to go and see him.

I laughed the whole way through the show. The best part is he incorporated current event jokes and audience interaction into his show, which gave you the feeling that he wasn't just on autopilot performing the exact same jokes night after night.

What I vaguely recalled from Carrot Top's TV antics, I didn't care for him or his style of humor at all. Didn't help that my boyfriend couldn't stand Carrot Top either, so we were taking a big risk by going to see his show. Holy cow, BF and I are both zealot converts now. I laughed out loud and flailed around my seat in out of control hilarity the entire time. I laughed so hard and relentlessly that my stomach hurt and got a month's worth of ab-workouts in the process.

For those of you not familiar with this guy's comedic style it is very basic but it works. He uses a LOT of prop humor, bringing out various props to emphasize jokes about every day life.

Absolutely the funniest show in Vegas. He will have you laughing the entire show. The auditorium is small so every seat is a good one. Special effects and audio is amazing.



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