Matsuri Show at Imperial Palace

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location

Imperial Palace

Venue Size


Show Times

Daily except Thursday at 4 pm Plus 8pm Friday

Show Type

Think Budget Cirque du Soleil

Show Length

70 minutes

Show Notes

Costumes by world-famous designer Junko Koshino add to the visual spectacle of this showcase for traditional Japanese culture with an original twist! The 70-minute show features a cast of 18 Japanese athletes who perform stunts like Human Jump Rope, Judo Tango, Lion Dance and Foot Drums. Contagious energy and mesmerizing feats of strength
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Mavens Overview: Matsuri

Matsuri at the Imperial Palace is often described as a value version of Cirque Du Soleil. The show features high-energy acrobatic and dance routines, mixed in with some comedic interludes.

The Internet Buzz is strongly favorable, however, most people note that the reasonably priced tickets are a big factor in the favorable Buzz.

Playing in harmony with sound and acts that "MUSCLES" create is the concept of this new and unique, MUSCLE MUSICAL, which was first established in 2001 in Japan. From Matsuri Website

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Internet Buzz: Matsuri

  • Then the show starts.. WOW so much energy and very entertaining. Everyone in party left amazed and amused. Highly recommended!
  • I loved this show. The performers had great energy and were all extremely talented. I only wish that this show had a bigger budget and a better venue, because it could be truly epic
  • I have seen this show twice. Once when it was originally at the Sahara and once at Imperial Palace. Since relocating to the IP they cut the performers by half as well as the actual acts on stage. I noticed a lot of the great skits were removed that I remembered from the Sahara show performance.
  • If you are looking to spend Hundreds on a Vegas Show, this show is not for you. If you are looking for the Best Entertainment Value in the State of Nevada, this Show is It! What a Fantastic and Entertaining show.
  • The show is all about Japan, and likes to contrast different elements in that culture: the ancient with the modern; the gentle aesthetic beauty with the strength of their people; comic acts with the traditional arts.
  • Obviously the performers are quite good gymnast but the show did get a little hokey about half way through with the audience participation.
  • No arguing, these performers were incredible. And, no one trick ponies here. All of them did acrobatics, aerial stunts, comedy, and magic tricks. A very talented group of performers.
  • Loved the yo-yo segments, never expected it in a show, but was amazed.
  • The performances might come off as cheesy if they weren't so good. Their smiling faces, their excited participation, you really felt the joy. We were pleasantly surprised and amazed, to say the least. Highly recommend.



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