The Dueling Piano Bar at Harrahs

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location

Harrahs (near Carnival Court)

Venue Size


Show Times

9pm nightly

Show Type

Piano Bar

Show Length

Starts at 9pm

Show Notes

At 9pm Twins duel with each other at their respective pianos.



Mavens Overview: Dueling Pianos

The Piano Bar at Harrahs offers Dueling Pianos every night, starting at 9pm. The emphasis is on Dueling, rather than the piano playing, although most people seem satisfied in that regard. This in definitely not a quiet lobby piano player that you might find over at Bellagio. The atmosphere is more Jersey Shore, Summer Break. Napoleon's at Paris is a more upscale Piano Bar, that also offers Dueling Pianos.

The Internet Buzz is mostly favorable.

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Internet Buzz: Dueling Pianos

  • The twins are blonde and hot and talented to boot. The place gets packed fast and even has people looking in from outside the bar to enjoy the fun. There's a 1 drink minimum and a weekend cover charge but it's all totally worth it for a fun raucous night like this.
  • The good parts are the twins who play piano and sing. Kim and Tamara are fun, and make the night enjoyable. They also have figured out how to take breaks w/o letting the two guys take over. They rotate in another player to let each sister have a break and still begin/end with the twins.
  • I always end up at the Piano Bar at Harrah's when I go to Vegas. It is fun and the twins are cute. I think this is a much better piano bar than the others on the strip which either have seating issues or just a too "sophisticated" feel for my likes.
  • This is the positive things I will say about this bar...the piano players have unbelievable memory recall on the songs. I'm not impressed by their singing talent but they do have impressive piano skills.
  • As a performer myself, and a musician who goes to a lot of these places, I feel like I have a good handle of what makes a good piano bar. When we got there there were two ladies playing. Their piano skills were great (probably better than mine) but their singing was more like screaming. Thankfully, I only had to listen to them scream for about two songs before they changed out for two guys. BUT, the men weren't much better, as they complained about every request they got. It was obvious they were more about making tips and not actually entertaining the crowd.
  • The best bar that I ended up at in Vegas! The dueling pianists sing songs on request, with tips of course. Everyone in the bar is singing songs together! Great atmosphere! Great crowds! Even though I did not stay long, this is one place I will definitely be coming back to.
  • I think this piano bar is so much better than the one in New York New York.
  • Be careful what you write on your requests or you'll get called on stage for some piano high jinx. To get a seat, show up earlier than the 9pm start time.
  • The performers always get the crowd involved and display some nice vocals to boot. The best part is when they pull some people from the crowd (such as people turning 21 or wedding couples) and razz them but all in good fun. I have never had a bad time yet at this place and everyone seems to have a good time.



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