Defending The Caveman at Harrahs

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Harrahs (Improv Theater)

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7pm daily plus 3pm Sun. and Mon.

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Kevin holds a BA in Acting and Directing from Indiana University in Bloomington. A graduate of the Player's Workshop of The Second City, he's also a certified stage combatant by the Society of American Fight Directors



Mavens Overview: Caveman

Defending The Caveman is now playing at Harrahs. The one man is currently being performed all over the world, so I guess it passes the universality test. The premise of the show is that men are cavemen/hunters and women are gathers. From this simple premise most of the comedy in the show is developed.

The Internet Buzz is mostly positive, and since the tickets are relatively inexpensive, particularly with the ubiquitous coupons and availability at the half price kiosks, most feel the show is an excellent value. The Venue is the Improv Theater at Harrahs, which is a rather intimate theater, a good choice for this show.

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Internet Buzz: Caveman

  • The "outrageously funny and surprisingly sweet exploration of the gender gap" (Chicago Sun Times) has made Defending the Caveman "a comic phenomenon." (New York Times)
  • Prehistoric-looking props and lighting and sound techniques are used to enhance Burke's performance. His casual stage presence and typical jeans and T-shirt ensemble give him the every-man look that all guys can relate to.
  • This show originated Off-Broadway and I can definitely see why it came to Vegas. The premise is pointing out the age old differences in male/female relationships in a hysterical, yet true, manner. It's a very clever show, that highlights the pros and cons of romantic relationships and will strike the funny bone of familiarity with all in the audience across generations.
  • I am always a bit apprehensive about one man shows because you can get stuck with someone you don't like. But his satirical and comical treatment of the "Me Man, You Woman" paradox is completely side-splitting!
  • The show was....just ok. We thought it would be more of a comedy show about the battle of the two sexes. He did have some parts that were hilarious, but other parts that were kinda slow.
  • I would recommend to the older crowd, 40 and appreciate the humor one has to have lived with the opposite sex for a while!! Its definite for the married couple.



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