Mike Hammer Comedy Magic at Four Queens

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location

Four Queens on Fremont Street

Venue Size

Smallish Venue

Show Times

Tuesday through Saturday at 7 pm

Show Type

Magic with a comedic flare.

Show Length

70 minutes

Show Notes

Audience participation is part of the show.



Mavens Overview: Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer performs a Magic show in a smallish venue at the Four Queens on Fremont Street. Audience participation is a large part of the show.

The Internet Buzz is limited, however what does exist is strongly favorable, which means either this is truly a great show, or the internet buzz has been rigged in the shows favor. Tickets are inexpensive, starting at $20, perhaps you could buy a ticket and write your own Internet Buzz.


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Internet Buzz: Mike Hammer

  • The show is great! There's no new, ground-breaking magic here. You will have a fun time and enjoy the magic.
  • Hammer engages the audience and he has a very quick mind.
  • He is not only a talented magician he is darn funny. Made a fool out of me and I thoroughly enjoyed it but not as much as my wife.
  • This is a must if you're spending a day at the Fremont Experience.
  • Mike Hammer does have skills but it is his personality that steals the show. He interacts with audience members of all ages and the entire audience was laughing nonstop for over an hour! A great family show before or after dinner!
  • Hammer's show features mind reading, double-edged razor blade swallowing, gags, pranks.
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