Nathan Burton at the Flamingo

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Medium sized.

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1 hour

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Burton has performed magic since the age of 4, honing his act into a 60-minute whirlwind of unique, in-your-face magical illusions blended with comedy and showgirls, all tied together with Burton's engaging personality. Nathan Burton is a veteran Las Vegas performer who's also achieved nationwide fame for his performances on America's Got Talent and The Entertainer, as well as appearances on Miami Ink and VH1's Surreal Life: Fame Games. From Flamingo Website



Mavens Overview: Nathan Burton

Nathan Burton does an afternoon, 4pm, magic show along with guest performer, usually a juggler and/or a comedian. His magic is almost strictly stage magic, you know, lots of boxes where things disappear and re-appear. The folks at much prefer the less flashy, but more talented Mac King next door at Harrahs, with his 4pm show.

The Internet Buzz is mostly positive, but not overwhelmingly so. The comments are more along the line, decent show for the money paid. The tickets are inexpensive, with discount coupons and half-priced tickets readily available.


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Internet Buzz: Nathan Burton

  • This is a cute show to see if you want something fun and high energy. It is light on the magic, mostly illusion type props that are creative I would call it more entertainment than magic. His girls that assist him on stage with many of the acts are cute, bubbly and energetic.
  • This really wasn't my cup of tea and I've love magic since i was a kid. more than half the show he isn't even on stage, some other acts are their cross promoting which are better than the show you came to see. I just felt no sense of wonder and i felt like i knew how most of the tricks where done. He even seemed to do the same trick twice just a little different the second time.
  • The Nathan Burton show was, well not great. He seemed to me like he was going through the motions. He seemed distracted, disengaged and well, just punching a clock. It kills me to say this, because I really wanted to like it!
  • Nathan Burton is a magician who was "made famous" by a well-known TV show "America's Got Talent." I was not impressed by his magic tricks. I know it is not fair to compare him with the world-class magician David Copperfield. But most of Nathan's magics involved elaborate boxes, which were pretty lamed and amateur.
  • the magic decent--it wasn't anything I haven't seen before and magic lovers will probably be disappointed, but I don't think Nathan's show caters to that crowd.



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