The Donny and Marie Show at the Flamingo

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location


Venue Size

750 seats

Show Times


Show Type

Music and Dancing

Show Length

90 minutes

Show Notes

The 90-minute extravaganza showcases Donny and Marie's greatest hits in a multimedia spectacle presented on a custom-designed stage with multiple video screens and a sizeable cast of electrifying dancers. From Flamingo Website



Mavens Overview: Donny & Marie

Donnie and Marie Osmond bring a live version of their 1970's television show to the Flamingo. Donnie and Marie first performed in Las Vegas as children at Caesars Palace in 1973.

The show features a nine person band and eight dancers, in addition to Donny and Marie. The show gets favorable Internet Buzz, even from people that are not familiar with Donny and Marie.


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Internet Buzz: Donny & Marie

  • I can't believe how talented and funny and entertaining these two were. I didn't know two siblings could actually make an act and make it so good. To be more descriptive from start to finish laughter is what's in store. The routine of their dances to the punchlines they have is just classic. Not once will you feel the need to get up and take a break.
  • I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, I enjoyed their show quite a bit. It was engaging and entertaining from start to finish. Donny and Marie really are amazing performers. Their charisma and chemistry make for a great show and an excellent night out.
  • The show is very much like the TV show if you've ever watched it. I must admit I enjoyed Donny's solo more than Marie's. What can I say, I just think he is a better dancer and singer. Just like the TV show, Marie did quite a bit of teasing at Donny. It was cute and funny.
  • What a fun evening this was... So yes, I grew up watching Donny & Marie and they are still as fun as they were back in the 70s. Though I do have to say Donny is more of a performer and crowd pleaser and teaser than Marie
  • Don't arrive too late or you will miss your chance to have your photo taken and it signed by Donny and Marie. These signed photos are available as you exit the performance.
  • This was a GREAT show. I see a lot of shows and I really loved Donny and Marie. It really made my whole vacation. I didn't grow up with Donny and Marie but I'm now big fans. It was a fun high energy evening.



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