"Marriage Can Be Murder" Dinner Show

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:
Fitzgerald's Showroom

Venue Size:

Show Times:
6:30pm Nightly

Show Type :
Interactive Dinner Theater

Show Length:

Ticket price includes a three course dinner and one non-alcoholic beverage.




Mavens Overview

Marriage Can Be Murder is an audience participation Murder Mystery Show, with a three course dinner included in the price of admission. The female host of the show interjects one-liners throughout the evening.

The internet buzz is mixed, leaning towards positive. Perhaps a bit more positive than that, if you add in the, "The Show was much better than I thought it would be" contingent.

As far as the dinner goes, one patron asked for a vegetarian meal and was thrilled with meal she was served. Others too, were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the meal, evidently expecting an inedible dinner.



Internet Buzz

The wife and I had a great time, it was an exciting date. This was my first murder-mystery dinner and I would definitely go to one again.

The dinner is not so good. The show... well, you're better off coming for the dinner.

Everything was entertaining, especially the lady whom is the main host of the show. She is quick witted and funny and makes the show fun just with her one liners.

Me and my friends sat next to the performers in the show. We didn't even know they were performers until the show starting kicking in.

when I asked what was for vegetarians, the server just stated whatever they come up with. Me and another friend whom is vegetarian got a wild rich and mushroom dish with some string beans, two kinds of potatoes (the mash potatoes were some of the best I've ever had), and a tomato thingy... not sure what it's called. I inhaled the food lol.

After the main course is served, there's a short break where people can mingle, discuss the murders and get the names of other guests and potential suspects. During this time, some people get out of their seats while others chat amongst themselves. You can be as involved or uninvolved with this show as you want and still have a good time.

The murder mystery is fun and interactive with almost everyone getting involved (as well as possibly being involved in the murder(s), too). Remember: the killer(s) are sitting and eating amongst you.

Overall, the show was surprisingly fun! There were three murders at our dinner, a cheesy twisted plot involving an Internet love triangle, and a timeshare salesman was poisoned. It was worth every penny of our discounted ticket prices, and I fully intend to go back again.


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