Fitz of Laughter Show

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Fitzgeralds second floor show room.

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Show Times:
Nightly 9:15pm

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Kevin is also the star of the one man show "Defending the Caveman" at Excalibur.



Mavens Overview

The star of "Fitz of Laughter, "Kevin Burke, is also the star of the one man show "Defending the Caveman" at Excalibur. He performs his own material in this show plus performs tricks like fire-eating and mentalism. Kevin studied improvisation with Second City in Chicago, but wasn't offered a position in the troupe. He also spent a year at Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus, hence the fire-eating part of the show. His Grandmother as Burke says "was a vaudeville performer turned fraudulent spiritualist" hence the mentalist part of the show.

In comparing the two shows Burke comments:

"There is a thread and a bit of a story arc if you're looking for it," he says. "It will not seem anywhere near as structured as 'Caveman' to the naked eye," though "my stuff takes a little bit longer to play out" than the average one-liner. "I never wrote in those 60-second, five-big-laugh chunks."

Fitz of laughter is a small show, so it doesn't generate much buzz. The buzz that is out there, could probably best described as mildly favorable, and reasonably priced.



Internet Buzz


It was OK, not that funny , but my daughter enjoyed it as it was her first time at a comedy club type venue.

It's a pleasant way to spend an hour, and probably your best comedy bet downtown, dollar-for-dollar.


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