The Price Is Right at Ballys

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location

Ballys (Jubilee Theater)

Venue Size


Show Times

2:30 (Tuesday - Thursday
7:30 (Friday)
2:30 (Saturday)
(Dark Sunday, Monday)

Show Type

Game Show

Show Length


Show Notes

Audience members can play and win in every show at the stage adaptation of America's favorite gameshow, The Price Is Right™ - Live. Contestants are randomly selected from the audience to "Come On Down" and play games like Plinko, Cliffhangers, Hole In One, It's In The Bag, the Big Wheel, Punch a Bunch, and the fabulous Showcase.
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Mavens Overview: Price is Right

The Price Is Right at Ballys is based on the television game show of the same name. The prizes aren't as elaborate or expensive as the ones on the television version of the show, but, most people seem to have a good time any ways. There is a bar in the back of the theater, that always helps to make the show more fun and interesting.

The Internet Buzz is generally favorable, however this is clearly a self-selected group, those that go to the show that is.

So if you're in Vegas and you love The Price Is Right television show, then you might as well "Come On Down"


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Internet Buzz: Price is Right

  • The show was good..corny jokes. but some of the host comments on contestants were funny..but, the prices were all wrong. All names were called at random, so it didnt matter if you had the funny t-shirt on or your boobs hanging out....its random. dress casual..come in your pj's if you want..its that laid back!
  • A little corny and a little cheesy but it was definitely a fun experience!
  • Awesome if you get called up, not so awesome if you don't. Very similar to the original show except that they call four new people every time they bid on a prize. Count this along with the five instant wins they provide every so often and I think about 30 - 35 people out of 300 or so in the audience got to participate.
  • If you ever liked the show you will love this. We didn't get called up but still had a great time because the host was so funny.
  • This is more like a "county fair" version of the Price is Right. The host was game show veteran Dave Rupprecht (from Supermarket Sweep).. let's just say he's not at the top of his game anymore.
  • We really liked this show so much we went twice on two different trips. The first time we did not get called. The second time I got up on stage - with the 1.00 bid - and won a prize. The clips were fun and the show was worth what we paid had I won the money or not.
  • "Come on Down!" Really fun and worth the money to see this show is Vegas. You can get your picture taken as a group before the show begins and then download it using a code. I love the name tags they give you too. Your letters typed out with the same font as the TV show. We kept ours and now its part of our refrigerator decor. They have a bar inside (of course its Vegas) and you can drink while watching the show.



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