Jubilee at Ballys

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location


Venue Size

Classic Vegas Showroom

Show Times

7:30 and 10:30 Saturday - Thursday; dark Friday, staring Jan. 2012 Mon. and Wed. 7:30pm only

Show Type

Musical Production Show

Show Length

Roughly 90 min.

Show Notes

All shows EXCEPT the 7:30 PM Saturday show have some topless dancers. The Saturday show is the family friendly show.



Mavens Overview: Jubilee

Jubilee is currently the longest running production show in Las Vegas, the show debuted in 1981. Many people go to Jubilee just to see an "Old Vegas" style show, and those that do are not disappointed. The show features elaborate dance numbers with lots and lots of show girls wearing lots of sequins and feathers. Some people come to the show just to see the elaborate Bob Mackie costumes, the man behind Cher's wardrobe. You might just feel like you're on the set of an old Busby Berkeley movie.

The Internet Buzz is mostly favorable, most people that come to see Jubilee know that it is an "Old Style" Vegas show, and are happy with that. The show also has a few variety acts that give the dancers a chance to change costumes.

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Internet Buzz: Jubilee

  • If you like musicals, women in bright big costumes, and dancing, this is the place to go. Very entertaining and high energy!
  • Before writing this i read a bunch of the reviews and it seems that people will either love it or they'll hate it. I noticed a numerous amount of people calling it "outdated" but what do you expect for a show that's been going on for 3 decades? Personally, I loved the dated feel of the show. It was classic and it was a nice change of pace to see something so glitzy and over the top without being something raunchy that i would see in a strip club.
  • To be honest, I am surprised this show is still going on. It is a throwback to the old Vegas days and it was nice to get a feel for that but I feel a 10 min sidewalk show could have done the same thing. The set, costumes, and choreography are all outdated and it was beyond apparent.
  • Would have been amazing if the music was live. Music is pre-recorded, along with some of the vocals. Some vocals are live.
  • Is your idea of Vegas girls in sequins and feathers and ridiculous headdresses? Then Jubilee is your show. You don't get to see too much of the traditional Vegas show girl in Vegas any more. Jubilee is all that and more. 
  • It doesn't get more Vegas-y than Jubilee. This is old school Vegas and one of the last shows of it's kind still running. The costumes, the show girls, the dancing, the musical numbers, the acrobats, the dudes swinging those ropes and telling jokes, It's all very classic. The toplessness is also part of the heritage of Vegas and doesn't seem at all gratuitous.
  • The best parts of this show for me were the two contortionist guys with supreme upper body strength and the guys who played the drums and used these whip-like things. They actually kept me awake and visually stimulated.
  • Donn Arden's Jubilee is classic Las Vegas over-the-top, big stage and big set extravaganza. Unfortunately it is also very 1960's Ed Sullivan entertainment. Donn Arden first staged this kind of show at the Stardust in 1950 and is credited with bringing this kind of show to LV and it is part of what made the town famous.
  • The costumes that the dancers wore were gorgeous. Ostrich feathers, sequins, and tons and tons of sparkling jewels. I felt like we had stepped back in time into one of those old dance number movies where the girls have the ostrich feather fans and everything. It's really really amazing.
  • This is one of those bucket list things to do in Vegas and it didn't disappoint. The costumes, sets, ballet and even the side show Argentinians, male gymnast (who was incredibly buff and flew around the stage with ease), and the most incredible display of juggling you've ever seen.
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