Viva Elvis at Aria

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Show Times

2 Shows Nightly at 7:00pm & 9:30pm DARK Sunday & Monday

Show Type

Cirque du Soleil, Elvis Musical

Show Length

90 minutes

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Mavens Overview: Viva Elvis

Viva Elvis at Aria is yet another Cirque du Soleil show. However, Viva Elvis is different than the other Cirque du Soleil show in that the emphasis is on dancing rather than acrobatics.

The Internet Buzz is mixed on Viva Elvis, far more mixed than any other Cirque du Soleil in Vegas. It seems that people coming to the show expecting atypical Cirque acrobatics are disappointed by the emphasis on dancing. Most Elvis fans, as would be expected, Love the show.

Review of Viva Elvis on

Internet Buzz: Viva Elvis

  • I came with very low expectations since I am not an Elvis fan but I am a fan of the Cirque shows. I really liked the show and the layout of his history in music. The theatre is designed great for views everywhere. I will see again for sure. It is a little lighter on the acrobats compared to other Cirque shoes but it is still worth it.
  • Loved this show! This Cirque show is not like other Cirque shows that are heavy on acrobatics. First and foremost is the music, and the life of Elvis. There was great dancing, and the singers were outstanding. The superhero trampoline act was one of the coolest parts of the show.
  • The show is basically a a history of Elvis and highlights the biggest moments in his life (my favorite is the 'Can't Help Falling in Love' performance) through video clips, dancing, and song. I have to admit this Cirque show really lacks the "soleil" you would expect. Not so much acrobatics or theatrics compared to Ka or O. Although I did enjoy the "comic book" performance.
  • The trampoline part was the coolest "cirque" of the show but its just an extension of the same part in Mystere. I kinda hate that I've become jaded with Cirque shows and that I'm so picky and kinda numb/dull about them now. If someone had never seen a show in LV before and saw this..they would probably think it was awesome.
  • I am not much of a "dance show" kind of guy, but there is no denying that the performance these hugely talented people put on is visually stunning. I was absolutely amazed by the ability of the acrobats to move as though the laws of gravity simply didn't apply to them.
  • I'm a huge Elvis fan and thoroughly enjoyed Graceland, and "O" by Cirque du Soleil was probably the most amazing show I've ever seen. This one? Eh. I'm really glad I checked it off my list, and as an Elvis fan, I found myself tearing up at most of the video montages from Elvis's life, but as a Cirque show, this just seemed like an odd pairing.
  • If you are a fan of Elvis and his music, this might be a must-see. If you are a fan of Cirque and the insane maneuvers, acrobatics, and spectical....then this leaves you wanting. Too much dancing, not enough thrilling moves. But an entertaining evening.
  • My husband and I were thoroughly disappointed in this Cirque du Soleil show - it was NOT up to the quality of the other Cirque shows. The acrobatics were basic (not that I'm qualified to do any of it), but for Cirque, it was not up to their usual "show quality".



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