Binions Hotel and Casino

Just The Facts, Please.

Hotel Size:
366 rooms: Hotel Closed December 2009
Casino Size:
60,000 square feet
One pool on the top of the Hotel.
Gift shop
Notable Attractions:
Famous Poker Room, where the World Series of Poker all began.


Pool and Spa

One pool on the top of the Hotel.

No Spa

Poker Room and Sports Book

Poker Room:
Newly remodeled. 10 tables with comfortable chairs. 11 40" and 50" plasma TVs are on the walls, along with historic photographs. The original poker room is now used exclusively for tournaments.

Sports Book:
Small sports book with four TVs and about 20 seats.


Mavens Overview

Like several of the other hotels on Fremont Street, Binions is decidedly 'Old School'. The emphasis is on gambling not shows, nightclubs, or fancy meals. You'll have to look elsewhere if that is what you are looking for. The hotel has a pool not a given for downtown hotels. Sort of amoot point right now, since the hotel closed in December 2009, hopefully this is temporary until the economic news improves.

Internet Buzz

Note: Hotel Closed December 2009 Hotel staff and cocktail waitresses get good reviews for friendliness. Quick hotel check-in. Hotel rooms are old and worn, but clean. Beds get mixed reviews.

Hotel Overview

Hotel Closed December 2009 along with the Coffee Shop. The rooms are furnished a la 1970s. Rooms have coffee maker.


Fremont Street Experience.


Gambling Hot Spots



Coffee Shop
Located in the basement. known for their hamburgers made from fresh ground beef, plus several specials daily. Open 7am-midnight, 1am on weekends. Closed until further notice.

Located next to the Poker Room. Deli sandwiches and their Famous Hamburgers. Unfortunately they no longer offer their hand carved pastrami sandwich.

Snack Bar
Sandwiches and Burgers. Known for their Bean Soup and Cornbread.

Binions Ranch Steakhouse
'Old School' Vegas Steakhouse. Some say the quality has gone downhill as the ownership of the casino has changed hands. Located on the 24th floor, the restaurant offers great views. More, please.



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