Le Reve at Wynn

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:
Wynn Theater at Wynn

Venue Size:
1,608 seats, circular theater.

Show Times:
7pm and 9:30pm Thurs.-Mon. Beginning Jan. 8, 2010 shows will be Fri.-Tues.

Show Type :
Similar to Cirque du Soleil shows. Produced by Frank Dragone creator of Mystere and "O"

Show Length:
1 hour 20 minutes; no intermission.

Theater in the round. First two rows are in the splash zone.




Mavens Overview

Le Reve is the creation of Frank Dragone, the Belgian conceptual theater artist. Dragone is the creative force behind the popular Cirque du Soleil shows Mystere and "O". While technically not A Cirque du Soleil production, it would be a safe assumption that the casting calls for Le Reve attracts the group of performers.

As in the various Cirque productions around Vegas, where plot lines range from very thin to nonexistent, Le Reve is an abstract experience. Le Reve, translated as "the dream" gives Dragone carte blanche to arrange his performers as he desires, without the constraints of reality checks. Those that prefer more reality based entertainment may be disappointed, or perhaps even annoyed. Those that love modern art will feel right at home.

Based on internet buzz, the vast majority of those that write comments online love the show. The only real debate is: Which show is better: "O" or "Le Reve". The results seem evenly split between both shows, with both shows getting enthusiastic feedback.

The show begins with a man and a woman dancing and then saying goodbye followed by three angels dressed in white tuxedos carry the woman off to dreamland, where creatures emerge from the water and the theater aisles. Unlike "O" the characters in Le Reve are a mix of both playful and malevolent, overall the show has a darker subtext than "O". Both shows make excellent use of their highly customized elaborate stage, complete with deep water tanks.

The theater at Le Reve is in the round, which allows for a more intimate experience, no audience member is more than forty feet from the stage.


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Internet Buzz

This is hands down one of the most, if not the most, incredible entertainment experiences you will have in your life! It was so good that I felt guilty for having gotten the tickets at a discount...There's just no way to describe the experience other than to say that it was utterly awesome and it will fill you with sensory overload.

Awesome acrobatic stunts while wet!...The splash zone is the first 2 rows... I was worried that second row might be too close to the stage, but it was totally fine.

the show is basically synchronized swimming, acrobatic diving, and acrobatic stunts set to music. The stage is an engineering feat in itself and has platforms that rise to accommodate the different parts of the show. The strengths of the show are the acrobatic and diving portions and the stage itself

If you've already seen "O", you'd be less wowed by Le Reve... Both are produced by Dragone, but Le Reve lacks the creative artistry that "O" has perfected. Although the strong acrobatic stunts and the energetic water diving still deserve your attention . The stage itself wonderfully morphs into different platforms and the artists are attractive with bangin bodies. You won't get a bad seat with this circular stage.

La Reve is pretty to look at and very well done... and there are elements that I truly enjoyed but it just didn't hold my attention the entire time like a Cirque show can.

Because I am a dancer, I love watching choreography of all forms, and I love the demonstration of the human body and what it's capable of. These performers are so strong, and so well rehearsed... it's really quite awesome.

It is truly a beautiful show, with color and style. I liked it better than O (which is very good). You will never see anything like it anywhere else.

Very boring. Go see Mystere

La Reve is a spectacular show. The cast is athletic, graceful and very easy on the eyes. They are fearless in their approach to some of the dives they do. For those of you who have not seen the show, much of it is performed in the water but not all of it. IMHO, much better and more athletic than O.

I have seen all the CDS shows in the past. I actually think this is the best - just pure spectacle throughout. I cannot even fathom how someone who likes big, flashy, extravaganza type stuff could not love this show.

Had a fantastic time! Le Reve means "the dream" in French, and that idea certainly gives the creators license to do some incredible and crazy things!...Although similar to Cirque du Soleil, it felt more fluid, instead of several circus acts strung together to form a story... There are so many things going on, though, that at times it is hard to know where to look.

Some dream sequences are startling, some are boring. the theater in the round means there are no bad seats, and half the pleasure is just watching the intricacies of the production.



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