Mystere by Cirque Du Soleil



Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:
Mystere Theatre at Treasure Island

Venue Size:
1500 seats

Show Times:
7pm and 9:30 pm Saturday through Wednesday

Show Type :
Cirque du Soleil

Show Length:
90 minutes plus a 30 minute pre-show featuring an ornery old man.

If you don't want to be part of the show, duck if a large rubber ball comes rolling your way.

The audio system for the Theatre has 94,700 watts of power and is routed through 78 speakers using custom software.



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Mavens Overview

The description of Mystere on the Cirque du Soleil site has it right:

Mystere is classic Cirque du Soleil, combining the powerful athleticism, high-energy, acrobatics and inspiring imagery that has become the company's hallmark

Mystere is the original Vegas Cirque du Soleil show, premiere date December 25, 1993. The show doesn't have the frills, some might say gimmicks, of "KA" with its technically sophisticated stage or "O" with the elaborate water scenes. This show is pure Cirque du Soleil, with elaborate gymnastic and acrobatic routines. The colorful and equally elaborate costumes and make-up add to the the surreal circus atmosphere.

The internet buzz, as it is with most Cirque shows, is quite favorable. Many comments mention the shear awe of watching the acrobatic and gymnastic feats. Most felt the lack of any storyline didn't diminish the show, although there is a vocal minority that feel a storyline would greatly improve the experience. The grown "Baby" that is used for comic effect in between scenes, got mixed reviews, many were annoyed with the less than funny antics. Some of the routines run a little long and feel a bit tedious, but in general the pacing of the show is on target.

Cirque du Soleil shows are a lot like fireworks shows, full of thrilling effects that are fun to watch, but nothing that is going to touch you deeply, nor are there any songs you're going to be humming the next day.

A final word of advice, if a ornery old clownish man offers to show you to your seats, find another usher.

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Internet Buzz

Throughout the entire act, my jaw literally dropped. I can't even recount how many times I've said "Oh my gosh."

As a former gymnast, I especially enjoyed the see-saw and trampoline performances; there is no doubt that the cast is world-class.

The only unpleasant parts were a fussy adult baby; his role is necessary as it acts like an intermission for the players. Yet, if I had to sit through him again, I would be greatly annoyed.

Mystere is really enjoyable, and if you have never been to a Cirque show, this one is a good one to see and works well for families also.

The show was very beautiful and nicely executed however there were some stunts where I was left saying "ok, can we move on now? I've got the gist of it."

Most of the audience who is picked on are in the front, but really it's nothing embarrassing. I was deathly afraid of being made to wear a diaper from previous reviews, but after the show, I really wouldn't have minded if that happened to me

Mystere. With the reputation of being the best circus in the world I had high expectations for this show... And they were all fulfilled.

There was absolutely no story line to this show... several parts were very dull, almost boring. And then there were parts that (the baby) were just simply annoying....and seemed to drag on forever..."come on, get on with the show already"

Mystere was simply amazing and I would recommend it to everyone. The performers performed some crazy ass acrobatics (I really liked the 2 men that were balancing off each other- AMAZING!) and the costumes + makeup really tied in well.

The performance itself and the performers were really good! The acts had me intrigued and impressed. It was maybe a half hour longer than it needed to be

the performers of Cirque de soleil are amazing...all of the acrobatics, the bouncing on the trampolines, the trapeze acts, the two ambiguously gay muscle men balancing act! I want to run away & join the cirque...looks like so much fun.

The old guy misleading people to their seat was funny & he had more laughs under his sleeve during the show

This was our second time at Mystere. However, being in row two not only magnified everything, but altered the experience on a qualitative level. Let me explain: I had always considered the two muscle men balancing each other to be one of the most boring acts. On this occasion, though, I found myself staring in awe at their faces: covered with sweat and grimacing in agony. Though they may appear statue-like when they held their poses, I realized their muscles were in fact quivering uncontrollable. It was mesmerizing. I gained a whole new appreciation of the INTENSITY of this act.

I had one of the most horrifying experiences of my life at Mystere. Somehow, we had gotten seats in the front row. A performer dressed in a baby suit rolled a gigantic orange ball off the stage and it somehow landed right in front of me. He started "crying." I awkwardly shoved the ball back onto the stage and he smiled at me, calling me "papa." He beckoned me to come up on stage, and he squirted me in the face with his bottle. He called out to me several times during the show, but the worst part was when he drove through the theater on a golf cart and made me get onto it with him. They took me backstage, dressed *me* up in a baby suit, drove me across the stage, and then had me push the cart back across the stage in the other direction.


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