DJT Restaurant at Trump

Just The Facts, Please.


Trump Hotel, Off Strip near Fashion Show Mall

Dining Hours

6:30am-11pm; serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Executive Chef Joe Isidori and Chef de Cuisine David Varley



Price Range

Dinner Prix Fixe $29; 3 course

Suggested Attire



Inside Trump hotel, off strip.

Sample Menu Items

Curry squash soup

Turkey Burgers, Oprah claims they have the best Turkey Burgers.

Rack of Lamb



Mavens Overview: DJT

DJT located in the Trump Hotel just off the Strip next to the Fashion Show Mall is a Michelin rated single star restaurant. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and has food service at the bar. There is also aprivate dining room.

The internet buzz is quite mixed, especially for a Michelin rated restaurant. Oprah claims they have the best Turkey Burgers, the Mar-a-Lago Turkey Burgers.


Internet Buzz: DJT

  • No food network celebrity, no jet-setting "consultant" chef, no micro-managed tourist-friendly menu; just two young guys cooking finely-tuned food with the best ingredients money can buy.
  • The decor is in keeping with the rest of the hotel...elegant in a "Trumpulescent" way.
  • Horrible service plus very expensive food. Restaurant was empty and it took a half an hour for a waiter to come and take our order for drinks. Would not recommend.
  • The food and service were outstanding and after the meal, I would consider it one of the top 5 restaurants in Vegas.
  • Their wine list is well thought out, the beer list comprehensive and the "soda list" inventive.
  • Sampled the Prix Fixe menu, the food was fine but unmemorable, nothing more than what you would find in a decent standard restaurant at home.
  • Sometimes I think the essence of fine dining is simple food, well prepared and tasty, presented nicely in delightful surroundings, and DJT does a good job of that.
  • ...what Oprah calls "the best-turkey burgers in the entire world" at the bar at DJT. the ground turkey burger (special ingredients include chopped celery and granny smith apples and chipotle tabasco) and is served on a brioche-like hamburger bun with generous slices of fresh avocado.




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