Alize Restaurant at the Palms

Just The Facts, Please.


Top floor of the Palms.

Dining Hours

Open seven days 5:30-10pm; weekends until 10:30pm


André Rochat



Price Range

Five course tasting menu $105; Seven Course $125.

Suggested Attire

Taken directly from their web site, emphasis added by Mavens Vegas: "We request resort-evening casual. Jackets and ties are not required for gentlemen, however, jeans, jogging suites, shorts, tennis or sports-type shoes, T-shirts, tank-tops, and other inappropriately casual clothing are unacceptable. Similarly, ladies are expected to wear considerate apparel. We do not set standards, just guidelines. We ask that, by your attire, you show respect for your fellow diners."


Fantastic views of the Vegas Strip, try to get a window table.

Sample Menu Items

Roasted Rack of Venison, Smoked Bacon, Caramelized Onion Polenta, Creamed Spinach, Chestnut Confit and Apple Compote, Bordeaux and Crème Fraîche Sauce $39

Baby Spinach Salad with Smoked Apple and Poached Egg Bacon Lardons and Candied Pistachios Black Truffle Vinaigrette $16

Sautéed Baby New Zealand Abalone Parsnip Purée, Frisée Almond and Grape Salad, Black Truffle Vinaigrette $26 appetizer




Mavens Overview: Alize

André Rochat, is both Chef and Proprietor of Alize, which is named after the trade winds that sweep the French Caribbean Islands. There is a private elevator that takes you to Alize, which is located on the top of the Palms, 56 stories above ground, and sets the stage for some of the best views in Vegas. The fact that you are about mile off of the strip makes the views even more dramatic.

As one would expect of a Michelin rated single star restaurant this classic french restaurant receives some rave reviews. The surprising part is the number of mediocre or just plain disappointing reviews it also garners. Everyone one agrees the views are spectacular, but that would seem to be secondary for Michelin rated restaurant. The reviews are particularly scathing on holiday nights, where a special menu is offered, many feel both the food and service is sub-par on those nights.

High prices and a Michelin star raises expectations, Alize seems to fall short for some patrons, however, as is obvious from the "Internet Buzz" below, many feel that Alize meets these expectations, and perhaps exceeds them for a fortunate few.

Internet Buzz: Alize

  • This restaurant has an amazing view of the strip with an intimate setting.
  • Had a really great meal here. Great view of the strip - the whole place is surrounded by windows so it's all viewable but request a window seat facing the strip if you want to get the best spot.
  • Perhaps I expected too much but Alize was overall just ok. The service was sloppy, the food was good but not great. The view was amazing though.
  • The food is incredible. Every time I bring someone new to Alize, I hype it up to the point they think it can't possibly be that good. Then I get to see the look on their face when they take their first taste. It's truly amazing.
  • foie gras with granola and apple- first time i had foie gras. melt in your mouth delicious. tartness of the apple cut right through the fat. very nice
  • The foie gras and their specialty, the Dover sole, were the most delightful courses of the evening.
  • the Phyllo Wrapped Anjou Pear with Roquefort Cheese, Spicy Pecans and Pomegranate Vinaigrette. The pear had a nice crispy outside and a sweet taste inside! Pecans added a little spice and the cheese adding a richness to the dish that I loved! Overall a great dish!
  • The Signature Dover Sole dish consists of Important Dover Sole Sauteed Veronique with Winter Vegetables and Truffle Potato Puree! WOW! this unique and delicate white fish has a mild but yet sweet taste. The potato puree was the best I've had and the vegetables fresh and cooked perfect as well! Its worth every penny!
  • Try the perfectly seared filet mignon, studded with cracked green peppercorns, draped in a velvety cognac cream.
  • Carrot Cake with Ginger Brulee which was my favorite!
  • However, the dinner was disappointing overall, especially since I had heard so many good things about the chef and Alize. Perhaps it's because it was Thanksgiving, and it's not like this on other nights, but I don't know.
  • The food was good, old school good. Like it reminded me of something I'd have years ago at dinner. Classic French, but I did like it!
  • Alize is the biggest disappointment in Las Vegas. In a city of shattered dreams that is a heck of a statement. The only thing this place has going for it is the view.
  • I went into Alize with high expectations and I am happy to say that it met and surpassed them all...The fifth course also superb. Tender steak atop fried phyllo wrapped cauliflower and cheese puree and a bacon wrapped short rib. The short rib was orgasmic...
  • Absolutely the BEST meal ever! is expensive. But worth every penny in our opinion.
  • Try the perfectly seared filet mignon, studded with cracked green peppercorns, draped in a velvety cognac cream


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