The Steakhouse at Camelot at Excalibur

Just The Facts, Please.


Excalibur, second floor near the buffet.

Dining Hours

Open nightly 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.


No Celebrity Chef



Price Range

Three course dinner special $29.99. Other entrees are served ala carte, so the bill can add-up quickly.

Suggested Attire

Dressy Casual, emphasis on casual


Hamburgers are on the menu in addition to Steaks, Seafood and Meatloaf.

Sample Menu Items

The Following are listed as their Signature Dishes:

Bone In N.Y. Steak 20oz bone in Angus: cooked on our Mesquite Wood burning broiler at over 1200 Degrees to sear the outside and keep the inside juicy and tender

Country Baked Meatloaf: Fresh ground beef enhanced with herbs & spices, wrapped with smoked bacon. Served over a bed of garlic mashed potatoes, brown gravy & fresh vegetables.

Deep Dish Chicken Pot Pie: A hearty ragout of rotisserie chicken, mixed baby garden vegetable and Idaho Potatoes, topped with savory pie dough.

Prime Rib: 16oz Choice beef aged 21 days. Slow cooked to perfection

Flame Grilled 10oz Angus Burger: Topped with BBQ Jumbo Shrimp and lump crab meat chipotle slaw




Mavens Overview: Camelot

With Regale closed, this it the only sit-down restaurant at Excalibur with a hint of upscale atmosphere. Las Vegas is city filled with great Steakhouses, this is not one of them. However that is not to say The Steakhouse at Camelot is bad. The steaks may not be the best you'll ever have, but they are good quality and cooked properly.

Like Most Steakhouses in Vegas , and elsewhere too, the menu is a la carte. So, even though Camelot is lower priced than other Steakhouse in Vegas, your bill can be unexpectedly high when start adding lots items. One way to avoid this situation is to stick with the three course special, for $29.99.

The three Course Special includes:

  • To start either a Caesar Salad or French Onion Soup
  • For entree your choice of: Mesquite Grilled 10oz NY Steak; Country Baked Meatloaf; or Rotisserie Chicken
  • Dessert is Chef's Choice

The internet buzz is mostly favorable, perhaps a bit due to lowered expectations, since Excalibur is a down market property. Evidently those in the know, know better. Additionally, since Excalibur is a down market property, comps are much easier to earn than at its more upscale neighbors. So if you do a fair amount of gambling at Excalibur, ask a host for a comp to Camelot, it never hurts to ask.


Internet Buzz: Camelot

  • Great place! Me and my friend had the $30 three-course special and I do not regret a thing!...The food was delicious! I had the New York Strip (Med Rare) and they actually got it right! It wasn't tough or too chewy and seasoned very well. The vegetables were great as well! Dessert was the best part for me! I had the triple chocolate mousse and I couldn't stop to breath for one second before inhaling this thing.
  • We ended up with the special three courses for $30 deal. The caeser salads we had to start were very very good (my friend doesn't even like salad and she finished an entire plateful)! But the new york steak was under seasoned and overdone, served with a garnish but no side. So sad. The chocolate mousse dessert was okay, but I think desserts should always be amazing (that's why restaurants have separate pastry chefs).
  • Our food was inconsistent. My steak was overcooked. I ordered a medium New York steak and was provided with a well done piece of meat. Fortunately my wife's steak was cooked properly. The bread was cold, but was not intended to be cold. I liked my side of mushrooms and onions, but my wife found the sauteed spinach to be too salty. Our apple tart was fairly good and the Irish coffee I ordered was tasty.
  • Just because it's not located in a 4-5 star hotel, doesn't mean it's not a great steakhouse.  The Steakhouse at Camelot is really good. It's very nice and you definitely get the fine dining experience. I had my favorite fish, sea bass. Even though it was years ago, I totally remember how good it was.  My husband had the rib eye and it was perfectly cooked and great too.
  • This is the Excalibur version of fine dining, including a pianist tinkling away on the keys as you eat. Pricing is on par with an Outback, and so is quality.
  • The waitress just took forever with everything, introducing herself to us, taking our order, bringing our order, bringing the bill. All night it just seemed to be like that, she wasn't rude or anything but that kind of stuck out to me all night. The food, not bad at all for the price. I had the new york steak which was pretty good for the price, I did order a side of mashed potatoes and those were done exactly the way I love them, just plain butter and potato, none of that other fancy garbage other places like to use.
  • I got out of there for $30. How? They had a special. The caesar salad was so good I had seconds (which I regretted later when my entree came), and the chicken pot pie was melt-in-your-mouth delicious, creamy, delightful, etc.
  • Not a bad steakhouse and it does have really good Prime Rib. Here is the problem. It is in the Excalibur Hotel and that alone will effect the ambiance. Secondly don't get me wrong I love all my nephews and nieces but when I am in Vegas I really don't want to be surrounded by a ton of little kids. The Excalibur is full of kids and so is The Steakhouse on occasion---there is no predicting it!
  • Everything on the menu is a la carte, which can lead to some tremendous bills. The menu, however, was very diverse with reasonably priced top shelf entrees.
  • After going to AJ's Steakhouse at the Hard Rock the day before I was sure that I would not have a steaksperience even close when we went to the Steakhouse in the Excalibur Hotel. The Excalibur is more known as one of the cheaper less sophisticated hotels on the strip so I didn't expect the steakhouse to be all that. Man was I wrong. The $28 dollar rib-eye was hands down one of the better steaks I have ever consumed. Seared perfectly on the outside as to have almost a crust and a buttery perfect medium rare in the middle. The steak was as perfect as I have had. My side of creamed corn was also delicious.
  • I loved this place the service was unbelievable and the food was amazing.



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