Bradley Ogden Restaurant at Caesars Palace

Just The Facts, Please.


Caesars Palace

Dining Hours

Wed.-Sun. 5-11pm


Bradley Ogden and son Bryan.


American; Farm-Fresh and Organic movement influenced.

Price Range

Three course prix-fix $59

Suggested Attire

Dressy, yet casual.


Ogden is noted as a pioneer in the Farm-Fresh and Organic movement.

Sample Menu Items

Maytag blue cheese soufflé, Dried fruit Compote, Watercress, Ver Jus vinaigrette

Eden Farms Oak Fired Pork Chop with Gala Apple Ragout

Hazelnut Braised Pork Shoulder and Buckwheat CrÍpe




Mavens Overview: Bradley Ogden

Bradley Ogden is the chef behind eleven restaurants, most notably those in San Francisco. He is considered a pioneer in the Farm-Fresh and Organic movement. His insistence on using small farm, locally grown ingredients, means that the menu changes frequently. The concept of locally grown is probably stretched a bit for his Las Vegas restaurant.

Bradley Ogden, at Caesars Palace is a recipient of a single star from the Michelin guide, a major accomplishment for any restaurant. The cuisine is more simple and basic than most Michelin star winners, relying heavily on the quality ingredients to sell the dish. The restaurant considers the following their signature dishes:

  • Maytag Blue Cheese Soufflé with Quince Purée, Candied Walnuts and Verjus Emulsion
  • Eden Farms Oak Fired Pork Chop with Gala Apple Ragout
  • Hazelnut Braised Pork Shoulder and Buckwheat Crêpe
  • Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna and Crispy Veal Sweetbreads

The internet buzz is strongly favorable, the exceptions are mostly those that expected more complex dishes given the restaurants Michelin single star rating.

Internet Buzz: Bradley Ogden

  • Great meal, great restaurant, great service.
  • Their lounge offers their own menu, with some a la carte items and a $29 3-course prix fixe menu.  The gracious staff had no problem splitting 2 of the prix fixe meals between the 4 of us.  We didn't go hungry, either.
  • The South Dakota bison tenderloin -- probably the most beautiful pieces of meat I've ever seen & the presentation was lovely with the chickpeas & onions and greens for garnish...It was perfectly cooked with a crisp & dark crust and bright pink to red center with the finest grain I've ever seen in a "meaty protein".
  • I ordered the prime rib eye -- cooked perfectly as ordered med-rare. It was on a bed of Yukon gold puree with pea sprouts, frisee & arugla. The combination of meat juices with the potato puree on the wilted greens was wonderful. Delicious meat -- tender, flavorful, nicely marbled.
  • Try the osetra caviar with a blue-corn pancake to start, followed by slow-roasted Muscovy duck with endive, purple artichokes, polenta, and rhubarb.
  • This is a gorgeous restaurant. Whether or not you have time to eat, consider stopping by for a drink just to look at the space.
  • I started with the foie gras. 1.5 oz of sonoma foie gras seared with sea salt sprinkled on top. It was served with a peanut butter mousse and pomegranate gastique on top of a peanut brioche toast stuffed with pear jam. It was delicious and very unusual.
  • Awesome restaurant. Very classy atmosphere, but not pretentious. I feel comfortable here wearing jeans or a dress.
  • Bradley Ogden is disappointing. The restaurant has a casual yet sophisticated decor. The food is straightforward. The main problem is that the food is very expensive relative to the actual value...the food is very uninspired American cuisine.
  • we quickly came to discover that most do not cater to the veggie... walked over to Bradley & see a few veggie appies & an entree that sounded yummilicious..had the Blue Cheese Souffle & Eggplant w/ Crispy Tofu & it was heavenly. The tofu was just spicy enough & super crispy - which is just the way we like it!
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