Picasso Restaurant at Bellagio

Just The Facts, Please.


Bellagio, with Fountain views from the patio.

Dining Hours

Wed.-Mon. 6-9:30pm


Julian Serrano


French and Spanish

Price Range

Prix Fixe five course $123; extra $63 for wine pairings with each course.

Suggested Attire

Dressy; Jackets for Men


Fantastic view of the Fountain show from patio.

Sample Menu Items

Sautéed filet of black bass with saffron sauce and cauliflower mousseline

Sautéed medallions of fallow deer with caramelized green apples

Poached oysters garnished with Osetra caviar

Halibut with purple Peruvian potato carpaccio




Mavens Overview: Picasso

Picasso is one of only three restaurants in Las Vegas awarded two Michelin stars, the others are Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace and Alex at Wynn. Besides the Michelin two star rating, Picasso is best known for the Picasso art work that hangs on the walls.

Spanish chef Julian Serrano was personally lured to Vegas by Steve Wynn. Serrano along with Savoy and Robuchon have made Las Vegas one of the top restaurant towns in America, if not the world. Unlike several other top tier restaurants in Vegas, the name chef actually does his share of the cooking at Picasso.

Signature dishes include Roasted U-10 Day Boat Scallops, Lamb with truffle crust and Medallions of Fallow Deer, Maine lobster salad with apple-champagne vinaigrette.

The internet buzz, as would be expected, is very favorable. Some comments are even favorable regarding the price, as the price at Picasso is generally less than at Savoy's or Robuchon's places. Even the mark-up on the wine list is less than the competitors. See, that $123 prix fixe with a $63 wine parings menu is actually a bargain.

Picasso at Bellagio Website - Five Diamond Mediterranean Cuisine

Internet Buzz: Picasso

  • In a town experiencing an amazing renaissance of food, there are few options in Las Vegas as superior as Picasso. The folks at the Bellagio have gotten it right from start to finish. From the moment you step in you know you are in for a treat. The decor is immaculate and puts you into immediate awe.
  • Still the best high-end dining for the money in Vegas...Yes, Joël Robuchon and Guy Savoy compare favorably, but at 3x the cost and in starchier, less relaxed environments.
  • Still dreaming about the scallop (best I've ever had) with potato dish I had off the chefs tasting menu. Lobster salad infused with ingredients that awoke some dormant taste buds, and the chocolate lava cake dessert ON MY GOD. Beautiful art, and window view of fountain. Warm and non pretentious staff made me feel comfortable and pampered.
  • They were offering 3 prix fix menus that evening, one a special black truffle menu, where all of the dishes had black truffles. The other special that night was a kobe beef filet.
  • Veal from the tasting menu - best veal I had ever had. It was absolutely amazing. The sauce was complex, the texture of the veal was perfect and the taste was sophisticated which is not a word I would usually describe veal.
  • Second was the pan seared sea scallop on a bed of potato mousseline and veal reduction sauce. This is the best sea scallop I ever had. Just thinking about this dish makes me hungry.
  • I was pretty disappointed with this place. That isn't to say the food was bad or service was bad, but, for the price and, with the expectation of the Michelin star, it was missing an intangible thing that would have made it awesome.
  • Their wine selection is VERY reasonably priced, considering...I would say that on average, their wine prices are 180-190% of what you'd find retail in a wine shop. Example, 2006 Nicolas Catena Zapata Malbec/Cab ran $230 a bottle at Picasso. I would expect to pay $120 or so in a store.
  • I really love Picasso located inside Bellagio with a view of the fountains.. I always asked to be seated on the terrace, so I can enjoy the show.. even though I have been seated inside and enjoyed the art work as well.
  • I loved the art! The food was good, but not Michelin star worthy.
  • Picasso's was excellent. Nicely priced for a 2 Michelin star restaurant we enjoyed the 5 course tasting menu with matching wines.  Highlights of the meal were the oysters poached in vermouth with Osetra caviar and the seared foie gras with lemon pound cake.


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