Golden Nugget Pool

Just The Facts, Please.

Pool Area Style :
Pool with bar area, blackjack tables, and Huge Tank with Sharks.

Predominant Clientele Style :
Upscale Downtown crowd.

Pool Hours :
10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. (weather permitting)

Jacuzzi, H2O Bar, and The Hideout are open until 2:00 a.m.

Number of Pools and Jacuzzi :
One Pool (Complete with Sharks) and One Jacuzzi.

Bars and Food Service :
The Hideout at H20 Bar.

Cabanas :
Cabanas (for both The Tank and The Hideout at H2O) may be rented for $175 per day (Mon - Thurs) and $250 per day (Fri – Sun).

Raft and Pool Toys rental :
Daybeds (for H2O) may be rented for $50 per day (Mon – Thurs) and $100 per day (Fri – Sun).

Pool Notes :
The $30-million pool area houses a three story 200,000 gallon Tank with over 250 animals, including: Brown Sharks; Nurse Sharks; Black tip Reef Sharks; and Zebra Sharks.



Mavens Overview

The pool at the Golden Nugget is one of the more unique pool areas in all of Las Vegas. Known as The Tank, because of the large three story aquarium that holds Sharks and other marine life, which is the focal point of the pool area.

The pool area is open late, which is unusual for a Vegas Pool. The pool is open until 8pm and the Jacuzzi and surrounding area is open until 2am.

The three story aquarium has a water slide that goes through its center. Blackjack tables and lounge chairs surround the pool, and give the whole area a casual nightclub-like feel. The internet buzz for the pool is favorable, with many commenting that the pool area was reason enough to choose the Golden Nugget.


Internet Buzz

The most appealing aspect of the hotel is their swimming pool, which they call the Tank. It's a nice sized pool that surrounds a shark's great. There's also a slide tube that takes you in through the shark tank and empties into the pool area, too. There's plenty of lounge chairs to catch some sun

the pool is the best in the entire world, the rooms are nice, the people are nice.

The indoor/outdoor pool party with the water slide is freaking AWESOME!!!!! If you stay here, you must visit the pool

The pool is super cool with a clear glass tunnel slide that goes right through the fish tank. The patio surrounding the pool is very nice and relaxing with plenty of comfortable seating and it's not hard to find somewhat of privacy.

The Whole property was very nice, the pool sitting area was great, heaters going at night and plenty of lounging area with comfy furniture. The main attraction there was the huge shark tank that has a water slide going through the tank into the pool below.

it was fun just to wade in the pool and view the sea life in the aquarium. The illusion is cool if you're in the pool and it looks like you're swimming with the sharks. Tip: bring goggles to get the full effect.

The aquarium was right in the middle of the pool and was filled with about 12 sharks and a bunch of different kinds fish. It was really cool being able to watch sharks swim right by my face! Within a couple of inches! The slide was pretty cool too! It twists and turns a few times before you shoot through the middle of the shark tank/aquarium! I had to ride it a few times.

Although the pool officially closes at 8 pm, there are folks getting drinks from the bar afterwards and settling in a nice cozy couch huddling near the fire pits. I heard the jacuzzi stays open until 2 am


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